[rt-users] Supress owner change emails?

Johan Sundström johan.sundstrom at vbm.se
Thu Nov 6 05:43:15 EST 2014


We have set up a script that changes the owner of a ticket upon first email-reply to the ticket. When the owner is changed, RT sends out a mail about this(see below). We would like to disable this notice from beeing sent, any ides on how to do this?

mail looks like this: 

Thu Nov 06 09:29:00 2014: Request 370 was acted upon.
Transaction: Given to johan.sundstrom by RT_System
      Queue: it-support
    Subject: Iphone
      Owner: johan.sundstrom
 Requestors: jans.heinerud at xxxxxx.se
     Status: open
Ticket <URL: http://helpdesk.xxxxxx.se/rt/Ticket/Display.html?id=370 >

This transaction appears to have no content

/ Johan Sundström
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