[rt-users] PriorityAsString : Priority and FinalPriority show "unknown"

elifree at free.fr elifree at free.fr
Thu Oct 2 12:49:54 EDT 2014


I use the extension PriorityAsString on a new RT 4.2.6 (still under testing). 

The settings in RT_SiteConfig : 

Set(%PriorityAsString, (Standard => 50, Moyenne => 80, Haute => 100)); 
Set(@PriorityAsStringOrder, qw(Standard Moyenne Haute)); 

Test 1/ When I create a new ticket, the ticket display page shows : 
Priorité: Standard / Standard 

This is OK. Fine. 

Test 2/ When I create a new ticket by sending a mail to a queue, the ticket display page shows : 
Priorité: unknown / unknown 

Then, when I click to modify the ticket, both fields are already set to Standard; and when I save, I get confirmation both fields have been changed from unknown to 50. 

Why these fields show 'unknown' when ticket is created by mail ? 
By the way, it's the same for InitialPriority, but it is not displayed in the ticket. 

Thanks a lot for your help, 
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