[rt-users] Transfer Tickets Between Instances

Jim Brandt jbrandt at bestpractical.com
Thu Dec 10 13:07:23 EST 2015

Hi Matt,

Yes, you can absolutely transfer tickets between instances. The 
difficulty depends on how you define transfer:

* Very light-weight, tickets between the instances can "talk" to each 
other via email. The metadata stays separate, but the discussion is 
reflected in the history on both sides.

* If some users have access to both, you can put links to mirrored 
tickets in the Links section.

* You can create a menu action that says "Send to other RT" and copy all 
of the key metadata from instance 1 and creating a new ticket in instance 2.

* If you want the full transaction history to be copied, it's more involved.

* If you want the tickets to talk to each other and keep everything in 
sync it can get much more involved (think every CF update needs to be 
sync'd, etc.).

Best Practical has done variations on all of these for customers in the 
past. The depth of the integration really depends on the use cases. Let 
us know if you think we could help.


On 12/9/15 3:21 PM, Matt Brennan wrote:
> Good Day,
>   We currently run RT for a number of internal teams (Helpdesk, 
> NetOps, System Ops, Marketing Ops, Sales Ops). Our customer support 
> team wants to migrate off of Zendesk to RT, however they want their 
> own independent instance (because they want to be root on it).
>   One requirement, however, is that we can transfer tickets between 
> queues that are on separate instances. I don't see any way to do this, 
> however it seems it may be possible through the API.
>   Has anyone seen anything like this done before?
> Thanks
> -Matt

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