[rt-users] Using 2 mail address for all ques

Trev trevor at onepost.net
Tue Dec 29 13:51:28 EST 2015

Oh, so..

  You do need to setup a mailbox for rt-comment and rt-correspondance as
they are, in fact, email accounts needing a mailbox for fetchmail to poll.

  Just to be clear.

  Worth noting -- although I do specify the Queue as 'IT General' -- RT
overrides this and adds the Reply or Correspondance to the correct ticket,
no matter the queue. I could probably clean this up as it is leftover from
my initial build and testing, but it works fine so I have left it.

 Fetchmailrc on my end accounts:

root at jamie:~# cat /etc/fetchmailrc
set daemon 60
set invisible
set no bouncemail
set syslog
set logfile /var/log/fetchmail.log

poll oa-internal.domain.com protocol imap username "rt-correspondance"
password "password" mda "/opt/rt4/bin/rt-mailgate --no-verify-ssl --queue
'IT General' --action correspond --url http://jamie.domain.com/" no keep

poll oa-internal.domain.com protocol imap username "rt-comment" password
"password" mda "/opt/rt4/bin/rt-mailgate --no-verify-ssl --queue 'IT
General' --action correspond --url http://jamie.domain.com/" no keep

#other mailboxes below here, specifically for enabling email to support
(and other departments) to open tickets.

On Tue, Dec 29, 2015 at 1:30 PM, Trev <trevor at onepost.net> wrote:

> Yes,
>   RT parses the ticket id in the subject line to then apply the comments
> or correspondence based on the correct ticket id number (located in the
> subject line).
>   I am using fetchmail as well... without problems at this point...
> running on debian.
>   As I add queues, I am sure to keep the default Reply Address and Comment
> Address address fields blank and RT will use the defaults.
>   Currently have about 40 queues, some are using email accounts to create
> tickets with, some are not, but every queue uses the default Reply Address
> and Comment Address.
>   Rt 4.10.12 on Debian.
>    I hope this helps.
> Trev
> On Tue, Dec 29, 2015 at 3:03 AM, Asanka Gunasekera <
> asanka_gunasekera at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:
>> Hi Trevor, thank you for the reply, that is great! but as per
>> http://kb.mit.edu/confluence/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=151106427
>> RT users the mail address in a particular way to sort the correspondence
>> and comments, does this works in your case?
>> I am using fetchmail to retrieve mail, do I need to change the mail
>> client? Can you direct me to an document to get this going?
>> I am sorry if this sounds out of the way, what are the precautions that I
>> need to change the current set-up?
>> Thanks and Best Regards
>> --------------------------------------------
>> On Mon, 28/12/15, Trev <trevor at onepost.net> wrote:
>>  Subject: Re: [rt-users] Using 2 mail address for all ques
>>  To: "Asanka Gunasekera" <asanka_gunasekera at yahoo.co.uk>
>>  Cc: "RT-List" <rt-users at lists.bestpractical.com>
>>  Date: Monday, 28 December, 2015, 19:31
>>  You can
>>  use a shared rt-correspondance@ and rt-comment@ address. RT
>>  will use the ticket # when reading to modify the ticket
>>  accordingly.
>>  I have about 30
>>  or so queues, and I use common rt-correspondance@  and
>>  rt-comments@ as you are asking about, without
>>  issue.
>>  Trev
>>  On Mon, Dec 28, 2015 at
>>  6:42 AM, Asanka Gunasekera <asanka_gunasekera at yahoo.co.uk>
>>  wrote:
>>  Hi just
>>  wondering whether it is possible to use just 2 email
>>  addresses for all the queues. Once for correspondence and
>>  another for comment. In my RT implementation I have about 25
>>  queus and each queue needs minimum of 1 dedicated mail
>>  account. If above is possible please let me know guide hot
>>  to achieve this!
>>  Thanks and Regards
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