[rt-users] Change to SSL cert breaking incoming mail

asas asas at uw.edu
Wed Feb 4 13:52:14 EST 2015

We recently changed to a new SSL cert with a new CA. After replacing the private key and cert, https works correctly with RT's web interface. But incoming emails get stuck in queue, with this message in exim's logs:

2015-02-04 10:04:23 1YJ4JK-0000LE-V7 <help at ourdomain>: rt_help_transport transport output: An Error Occurred
2015-02-04 10:04:23 1YJ4JK-0000LE-V7 == help at ourdomain
R=rt_stathelp_router T=rt_stathelp_transport defer (0): Child process of rt_stathelp_transport transport returned 75 (could mean temporary error) from command: /usr/bin/rt-mailgate

We're running RT 4.0.7-5 on Debian 7. After reverting back to the old cert, everything is working again.

Any suggestions?


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