[rt-users] Queue Admin, not RT Admin

Bill Cole rtusers-20090205 at billmail.scconsult.com
Fri Feb 6 22:00:16 EST 2015

On 5 Feb 2015, at 10:07, Lewis, Valerie wrote:

> I have recently become one of the campus administrators for our RT 
> system.  As a result, I am fielding a lot of requests from staff for 
> privledges to different queues.  One in particular is a director 
> within IT wanting to be admin for queues that pertain to his 
> department.  I have gone into the queue and went to modify user rights 
> for queue and gave him all of the rights under "Rights for 
> Administrators".  However, he not able to utilize any of those rights 
> within his queues.  I don't want him to be an overall  administrator, 
> just over his queues.  Am I missing something big?  I haven't found 
> any explanation of this online anywhere.  Any help would be greatly 
> appreciated.

Possibly: At the bottom of /Admin/Global/UserRights.html => Rights for 
Administrators the "Show Admin Menu" right is critical. That's assuming 
you're using 4.2.x. In older versions you may see it called 

And yes, there is no good comprehensive documentation for RT rights. 
There is some useful info in the Wikia site, some useful info in the 
docs at Best Practical, in both cases including bits and pieces lurking 
in pages where you'll never find them without reading just about 
everything. The Rights system is also counter-intuitive, as a virtue of 
it being logically rigorous and extremely fine-grained. It helps in 
working out where a Rights problem is to think carefully about the 
specific mode of "I can't do $x" the user is running into. For example, 
the general "he not able to utilize any of those rights" description is 
vague enough that my guess about the ShowConfigTab right could be 
entirely wrong. You can *usually* find where you need to check Yet 
Another Right by figuring out what part of the UI the user doesn't see, 
because RT usually will not show the UI to do something that a user 
isn't allowed to do.

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