[rt-users] RT eats table-tags in html-emails

Alex Peters alex at peters.net
Mon Jan 19 02:48:45 EST 2015

Looking at the RT_Config documentation, I think you might need to enable
the $TrustHTMLAttachments setting.  I know I've enabled that in my local

You might also need to increase the $MaxInlineBody setting from its default
of 12,000 bytes (or set it to 0 to disable size limiting altogether), since
things with HTML tables in my experience tend to frequently exceed that

On 19 January 2015 at 18:41, Guadagnino Cristiano <
guadagnino.cristiano at creval.it> wrote:

>  I did this while upgrading to 4.2.9 but nothing changed in the dispplay
> of html tables.
> Is there something more that needs to be done?
> IIRC this is not very well documented... just a note among the release
> notes.
> T.I.A.
> Cris
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> *Oggetto:* Re: [rt-users] RT eats table-tags in html-emails
> Another solution in recent versions of RT is to install the HTML::Gumbo
> module from CPAN, which should automatically enable correct display of all
> HTML in tickets without any coding.
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