[rt-users] external link with multiple parameters on [Refers To and Custom Fields]

AliReza Taleghani shayne.alone at gmail.com
Tue Jul 14 01:20:38 EDT 2015


I faced with a problem which I thinks it's related on internal RT logics...

I'm trying to integration Zabbix (2.4) with RT (4.2.8).
I'm also using RT API to implement this integration.
the problem is Zabbix Event link is as fallow:

Event: *http://zabbix.example.com/zabbix/tr_events.php?triggerid=14169&eventid=146832

and as you see that link contain two variable which will make it
- triggerid=14169
- eventid=146832

when I tried to post this link as */links* [refers to] element anything get
done as I interested, except that the link what changed as:


It mean that I losses the eventid and so when I click on the problem show
up... Zabbix can't open the related event just with triggerid.

as I find in RT documents, */links* and it's elements like [refer to] are
mainly used for internal RT tickets linking, so I guest that RT is parsing
the content's on this filed to change it to some think link I see...

so tried to define a CF and use this type of fields for this purpose, but
the same problem accorded again, but why? I can't find this problem out :-?

Ali R. Taleghani
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