[rt-users] Set custom fields based on attachment name

Ryan Stone RStone at athene.com
Tue Jul 28 13:26:53 EDT 2015

I am currently working with an RTIR instance and have been trying to auto-populate as many custom fields as possible from emails that come into our main incidents queue.  While this has proven to be straight forward regex if the text I want in the custom field is included in the original email, I am not sure on how to go about checking the name of an attachment and if it matches a specific name, a custom field will be set to a specific value.


Email arrives with attachment named 'MalwareReport.pdf'.  Based on the exact name of 'MalwareReport.pdf', a custom field for 'Classification' would be set to 'Malware'.  The name of the attachment would always be static along with the value of the custom field.

While it would be nice to have this set On Create, I have found that On Owner Change works almost as well since our on-call person will be taking tickets as they come in.  Unfortunately, this particular email with this attachment is sent randomly by humans so I have not been able to count on anything consistent in the body of the email except for the name of the attachment.

Any guidance would be appreciated.

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