[rt-users] RT 4.2.10 crash

Guadagnino Cristiano guadagnino.cristiano at creval.it
Wed Jun 17 10:41:46 EDT 2015

I have these templates:

  *   New Pending Approval
  *   Approval Passed
  *   All Approvals Passed
  *   Approval Rejected
  *   New Pending Approval in HTML
  *   Approval Passed in HTML
  *   All Approvals Passed in HTML
  *   Approval Rejected in HTML
  *   Approval Ready for Owner in HTML
  *   Transaction in HTML
  *   Transaction

Upon visual inspection they seem OK, but the last two templates are empty.

Of all the templates, only three are used by scrips:

  *   New Pending Approval is used by scrip 12 ("When an approval ticket is created, notify the Owner and AdminCc of the item awaiting their approval")
  *   Approval Rejected is used by scrip 13 ("If an approval is rejected, reject the original and delete pending approvals")
  *   Transaction is used by scrip 4 ("On Create Notify AdminCcs")

Todd, does Best Practical offer support for troubleshooting?
Could you send me (privately) some figures?
If we can't fix this issue by ourselves I'll see if I can convince the management to ask for support.



On 17/06/2015 05:34, Todd Wade wrote:
On 6/16/15 10:57 AM, Guadagnino Cristiano wrote:
unfortunately, even after completely fixing the db with rt-validator, I
still have the same problem with approvals.

I am at a loss, if anybody has something to contribute it would be very

Can you confirm that the Approvals templates are installed? Navigate to /Admin/Queues/index.html?FindDisabledQueues=1 (this is the 'Admin queues' page with the 'Include disabled queues in listing' checkbox checked), click on the __Approvals queue and then click on 'Tempates' in the subnav. Are there Templates listed there?

Without access to your system its very much a guess but it sounds like somehow the approvals infrastructure wasn't installed (or wasn't installed correctly) in your system during the upgrade that added it in.


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