[rt-users] Is setting up RT to create tickets via Gmail possible?

Bob Shaker rshaker at ARDENCOMPANIES.COM
Fri May 15 16:59:33 EDT 2015

You just have to set up fetchmail to pick up replies to the same mailbox. We have ours configured to an office 365 service user.

sudo cat /etc/fetchmailrc
[sudo] password for rshaker:
set daemon 60
set invisible
set no bouncemail
set no syslog
poll outlook.office365.com protocol pop3: username "$EMAIL_GOES_HERE" password "$PUT_THE_PASS_HERE" mda "/opt/rt4/bin/rt-mailgate --queue ' Uncategorized' --action correspond --url http://localhost/" no keep

You may need to mess with this a bit to get it to work with Gmail, since I believe it only supports pop3 over SSL. A quick google showed this article, it might help you a bit.

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Subject: [rt-users] Is setting up RT to create tickets via Gmail possible?

Hi all, this posts is 3 days in the making and I'm sure its probably a dumb question and hoping there's a easy clear answer someone can guide me to.

I have RT setup so that when new tickets are posted it now sends out email alerts to the ticket owner and also to those CC'd via a gmail account.

Got that working by using the following in Exim passwd config:
gmail-smtp.l.google.com:rt.xxxx at gmail.com:password
*.google.com:rt.xxxx at gmail.com:password
smtp.gmail.com:rt.xxxx at gmail.com:password

... However, when a reply is posted via email, how can the reply email be retrieved and posted back to RT?

Should I use a local email account on the server instead of gmail? Maybe use rt at mydomain.com<mailto:rt at mydomain.com>? What would be the best, fairly simple and reliable solution?

I've searched the web for definitive guides on RT email integration, can you point me to a detailed setup for allowing email notifications and replies/comments via email?

Thanks much.



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