[rt-users] Is setting up RT to create tickets via Gmail possible?

hydn hydn79 at gmail.com
Fri May 15 16:52:35 EDT 2015

Hi all, this posts is 3 days in the making and I'm sure its probably a dumb
question and hoping there's a easy clear answer someone can guide me to.

I have RT setup so that when new tickets are posted it now sends out email
alerts to the ticket owner and also to those CC'd via a gmail account.

Got that working by using the following in Exim passwd config:
gmail-smtp.l.google.com:rt.xxxx at gmail.com:password
*.google.com:rt.xxxx at gmail.com:password
smtp.gmail.com:rt.xxxx at gmail.com:password

... However, when a reply is posted via email, how can the reply email be
retrieved and posted back to RT?

Should I use a local email account on the server instead of gmail? Maybe
use rt at mydomain.com? What would be the best, fairly simple and reliable

I've searched the web for definitive guides on RT email integration, can
you point me to a detailed setup for allowing email notifications and
replies/comments via email?

Thanks much.

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