[rt-users] mail solutions

Jaye Mathisen mrcpu at lilpantry.com
Mon May 25 23:14:41 EDT 2015

Is there some reason you can’t just have your exchange server forward the
mail to RT and process it with rt-mailgate?

In general though, I would expect that if you’re sucking the mail from a
pop3 mailbox, and the mail is getting deleted from exchange it shouldn’t be
an issue with fetchmail.

I guess the other question would be is if the mail messages are getting
duplicated somehow (like via 2 different addresses) in the exchange
mailbox, so fetchmail is pulling down 2 copies of the message because
there’s 2 copies in the mailbox and dumping each into rt?

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My company has been using RT for years and has gone through a few upgrades.
We are currently up to version 4.0.12. We also use fetchmail as our mailing
solution to retrieve emails from our exchange 2010 servers. We have been
encountering multiple ticket creation issues when email is only sent
through fetchmail to RT. When creating tickets internally through RT there
are no errors or multiple ticket issues. I am looking into a new mailing
solution (Like getmail, etc) and wanted to get feedback from you all on
what types of mailing solutions you are using. Any suggestions are

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