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Parish, Brent bparish at cognex.com
Thu Nov 19 13:05:18 EST 2015

Ah, my mistake!
RT does require Data::GUID, which then requires Data::UUID.
I didn’t realize that until I saw your log where the load fails in GUID.pm line 10 (trying to load UUID).

And the UUID example script works for you, right?

use strict;
use warnings;
require Data::UUID;
my $ug = Data::UUID->new;
print $ug->create_from_name_str('NameSpace_URL', "www.mycompany.com");
print "\n";

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I installed a fresh version of apache on a new centos 7, after the error I manually  installed the  Data::UUID module from yum and after that from source but I got the same error.

This is the rt.log using debug:

Tue Nov 10 12:56:53.844353 2015] [core:notice] [pid 5852] AH00094: Command line: '/usr/sbin/httpd -D FOREGROUND'
[5886] [Tue Nov 10 17:57:03 2015] [critical]: Can't locate loadable object for module Data::UUID in @INC (@INC contains: /opt/rt4/sbin/../local/lib /opt/rt4/sbin/../lib /usr/local/lib64/perl5 /usr/local/share/perl5 /usr/lib64/perl5/vendor_perl /usr/share/perl5/vendor_perl /usr/lib64/perl5 /usr/share/perl5 .) at /usr/local/lib64/perl5/Data/GUID.pm line 10.
Compilation failed in require at /usr/local/lib64/perl5/Data/GUID.pm line 10.
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at /usr/local/lib64/perl5/Data/GUID.pm line 10.

On Thu, Nov 19, 2015 at 12:20 PM, Parish, Brent <bparish at cognex.com<mailto:bparish at cognex.com>> wrote:
I don't have any super advice here, just throwing out some ideas in case it helps.

I don't see Data::UUID in the Perl requirements for RT?
It looks instead to be something needed by Apache, for ModPerl or FCGI?

Tough to say without being on the system, but from what I understand it's not missing Data::UUID itself, but rather an object associated with it (e.g. shared object, etc)?
That can happen if you copied over any of the libs instead of installing them?

I wonder what might happen if you do a 'forced' full re-install of Data::UUID?
Or maybe there are some leftover pointers to an older version of the shared objects?
e.g. If Apache was copied over and not upgraded, etc

Did you get that error from the Apache logs and are they cranked up to debug level?
Are there other error lines nearby in the log(s) that might have more details?

- Brent

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On Mon, Nov 16, 2015 at 10:36 AM, Gerald Jimenez <gejimene at gmail.com<mailto:gejimene at gmail.com>> wrote:
> Hi,
> I have request tracker installed on a centos 6 server but now I need
> to update my server to centos 7.
> I have tried to install request tracker 4.2 to my centos 7 server but
> after sucessfully finished the installation the web page of rt doesnt
> load and I got this error "Can't locate loadable object for module Data::UUID in @INC".

Do you have that module installed?


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