[rt-users] problems attaching files

Martin Wheldon martin.wheldon at greenhills-it.co.uk
Wed Apr 27 03:46:42 EDT 2016


This is probably a issue with your web server configuration, you don't 
mention what
you are using.

Researching the following may help:

Apache2 - LimitRequestBody
Nginx - client_max_body_size

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On 2016-04-27 00:25, Liam Forbes wrote:
> We are using RT 4.4.0 and appear to be having problems attaching files
> over some size around 100k. If we try to send an email with a larger
> attachment, the mail message just drops on the floor. If we try to
> attach a file through the web interface, the icon has an X over it and
> an error message appears when the mouse hovers over it, plus the
> attachment is dropped if we try to save the edit.
> Looking in the log I don’t see any messages being generated in
> either case. I do see messages generated when a file is successfully
> attached though. Our current attachment size settings should allow
> larger files than ~100k.
> Set($MaxAttachmentSize, 10485760);  # 10MB
> Set($TruncateLongAttachments, "true");
> I’m not sure what else to look at to determine what’s happening or
> where things are failing. Have I somehow mis-set the config, or could
> this be a bug in 4.4.0?
> Regards,
> -liam
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