[rt-users] rt-server.fcgi hangs

Joseph Mays mays at win.net
Tue Feb 2 11:22:19 EST 2016

>> Here’s what I get in the logs when try to pull an info.php from the 
>> website....

> Why would you think that is a reasonable thing to do?  I would hope that 
> would NOT work on any normal RT installation.

I don't know why I wrote that, it was a year ago, but I think I just put in 
info.php as a brain misfire or something. Certainly info.php was not 
installed on the site. Regardless, it was trying to start the rt-server, as 
it is now under a completely new freebsd, apache and rt installation (when I 
assure you I am still not trying to pull info.php) and the error is the 

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