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Can you please tell me how to  Turn off QuoteFolding ? globally? thanks

El jue., 7 ene. 2016 a las 14:03, Parish, Brent (<bparish at cognex.com<mailto:bparish at cognex.com>>) escribió:
I'm not convinced that quoting using the pound/hash symbol is a bug?
RT does quote folding by a number of different tactics/symbols (presumably to accommodate the wide variety of email clients and various forms of quoting forwarded text).

I second the turning it off by user (I do that personally).

If it is only a few tickets here and there, you can also simply click on the links used to toggle/expand the quoting within that email/ticket.
Lastly, you could click on the "Show all quoted text" to expand them all within that ticket (located to the right at the very top of the History section of the page).

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On Thu, Jan 7, 2016 at 10:03 AM, Andrea Caputto <androponia at gmail.com<mailto:androponia at gmail.com>> wrote:
> do you see the picture i have attached?

Yep. :)

 maybe that explains, the problem is
> in the display of the message, i write something linke:
> ## execute comand
> find --name pepe
> and in the tickets show only "find --name ..." and the phrases that
> begin with ## dont show , are hide.

Okay. Now I understand.

RT tries to do quote folding:


but their logic is failing for your example.

It looks like RT is using HTML::Quoted to do the quoting. I see three options for you:

1. Turn off QuoteFolding either globally or per user.
2. Submit a bug report for RT.
3. Dig into HTML::Quoted to see why it is misquoting your example.


Andrea Caputto
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