[rt-users] Kanban / agile workflows?

Joachim Schiele js at lastlog.de
Mon Jan 25 10:42:35 EST 2016

On 04.03.2014 06:49, Biju Chacko wrote:
> Chris Herrmann <chrisherrmann7 <at> gmail.com> writes:
>> Hi guys,
>> Just wondering if there are any plugins or ?? That would 
>> facilitate alternative ways of visualising "work
>> to do" like agile or kanban or ??
>> I'm thinking this could be helpful for teams 
>> and individual users to prioritise their work. 
> Here's something I wrote for my own use:
> https://github.com/botsie/dirt

we have been trying to get dirt working, but it failed. versions used:
 - rt-4.2.12
 - dirt master on 77c0522ba923

what was working:
- we managed to get dirt to redirect the login to rt and we could login
with our usual rt credentials.
- we've seen that dirt could access the rt4 database and that it was
able to use the API of rt (probably trough the rest interface).

however, when accessing dirt functionality we hit this issue:

746: unexpected token at 'MyDashBord'

most important question right now:
- how does dirt actually look like? screenshots? screencasts?
- how much work would we have to update dirt to make it work with 4.2.12?
- does anyone use dirt right now, if so with which version of rt?

thanks in advance,

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