[rt-users] approvals does not change state of dependent ticket

zux zux at pie-dabas.net
Thu Mar 31 08:54:11 EDT 2016

I have created a lifecycle with these defaults:

active          => [qw(open approved stalled)],
/defaults => {//
//            on_create => 'new',//
//            approved  => 'approved',//
//            denied    => 'rejected',/

if i understand the manual correctly, this should change the depending 
tickets status to 'approved':

//    When an approval is accepted, the status of depending tickets will 
be changed to this value./

but that doesn't happen. Have I done something wrong, or do I understand 
this feature wrong? The lifecycle is applied to the queue, where the 
original ticket is.
I know it is in use, because I can set the status "approved" to the 
ticket manually. The default lifecycle doesn't have this status.

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