[rt-users] Multi-Tenant Users

Aniket Tripathy aniket.tripathy at gmail.com
Fri May 27 06:19:05 EDT 2016

Matt Wells <matt.wells <at> mosaic451.com> writes:

> Hi all, first let me say thanks for all the great data on this list.  
It's one of the most active I'm on.  Thank you all. 
> I have a question on a multi-tenant system I'm bringing up in dev.  In 
testing the isolation of queues and tickets was easy enough; however one 
item within the ticket became an issue.  
> Bob <at> example.com can use the auto-fill on in the users field to 
gather data on other users outside of his group on the system.  
> I fished around in the global menu but failed to find a place to 
disable this.  Can anyone point me in the right direction?
> I'm on 4.2.9.
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Hi Matt,

I'm looking for implementing a multi tenant RT system, where we can host 
the queues of multiple customer.
1. Although I did not find any option to disable the auto-fill option, 
will limiting the search to the group of users for that particular 
tenant help?. 
A couple of doubts from my end.
1. There might be a scenario, where different tenants will be having 
same queue name or user name (both having unique constraint at the DB 
level). What approach would you suggest to handle that scenario?
2. Is adding an an additional column to hold the tenant id a good idea? 
Or handling through custom field at queue, User and group level will be 
a better approach.


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