[rt-users] The role of roles in 4.4

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On the ticket, you have requestor, owner, cc and admincc as you pointed out. Those were the only options for assigning group rights until 4.4. You could create more groups, but the rights were assigned to the role so all groups in a role have the same rights. Does that make sense so far?

With 4.4, you can now create a role called (for instance) supervisor, and then a scrip that assigns a supervisor based on who makes the request. That supervisor could then be assigned rights to see the ticket, etc.

Imagine a ticket from an employee to fix a sink drain issue. You could also use a scrip to auto assign a maintenance supervisor to a role for whatever building the requestor is in. That supervisor could then be responsible to oversee the resolution and have different rights than the owner.

Lots of possibilities to imagine.

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