[rt-users] create transaction record

Bryon Baker bbaker at copesan.com
Tue Oct 11 14:54:21 EDT 2016

Thanks for the reply.

All I want to do is add an entry in the ticket history that contains the return information from the call to the web service.  I have the information logged to the log file, but I also want an entry record in the history of the ticket.  So no action something very simple.

I know when a custom fields are changed or updated this information shows up in the history of the ticket.  With the web service call a message is received but a custom field is not needed for the information, just would like an entry in the history of the ticket of the message from web service call.

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On Mon, Oct 10, 2016 at 4:16 PM, Bryon Baker <bbaker at copesan.com> wrote:
> Hello List
> I have created a custom scrip the will respond to an email via a web 
> service call.  I would like to create a transaction with the return message.

What do you want the txn to do? Set a custom field, change an owner, etc?

> Can someone give me a little code snippet or some direction on how to 
> create the transaction?  With our creating or updating a custom field.

Generally you would probably want to have two scrips:

1. On Condition C, reply to (or notify) requestor using template T

2. On Condition C, perform your specific txn using a blank template.

But it is hard to give advice without a little more clarity in your question.



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