[rt-users] Greetings from a New RT user in Toronto.

Chris McClement chrisis at bosberaad.com
Mon Oct 24 17:08:50 EDT 2016

Hi Reza

Welcome to RT. We're a fairly new user of the product so have recent
experience of your learning curve!

We have a bit of a workaround in place for "2. Suppress "RT System
Itself...)" lines in the History. We simply hide the entries with custom
css. In Admin > Tools > Theme > Custom CSS (Advanced), we've added:

div.transaction.Ticket-transaction.other {
    display: none;

This hides all those RT System messages while leaving things like actual
message content/comments alone.

As far as "4. Assigning tickets..." goes, have you set any of your users as
"Privileged"? As far as I remember if you are logged in as a privileged
user you should be able to assign tickets to other privileged users.


On Mon, 24 Oct 2016 at 21:50 Reza <reza.toronto at gmail.com> wrote:

> Greetings Folks:
> I successfully installed RT on a virtual machine and it has been a
> non-stop learning marathon for 12+ hrs non stop.   If you are as new as
> me in RT, please reply to my message, and perhaps we can have a
> conference call (at my expense) to do some sort of study group session,
> so we can share knowledge.
> Its easiest to learn when there are friendly tutors.  FYI, I have
> acquired the following knowledge the very hard way.
> 1.  Setup / Installation.  (The hardest part)
> 2.  Creating Users
> 3.  Creating Groups
> 4.  Understanding Permissons
> 5.  Enabling watchers
> 6.  Configuring Fetch Mail with SSL option to a gmail account (for testing)
> 7.  Configuring Sendmail / Exim and smart host
> 8.  Purging / Shredding tickets
> What I would like to learn is:
> 1.  Create Random Ticket numbers.
> 2.  Suppress "RT System Itself - Outgoing email recorded"
> 3.  Customization of Auto ticket reply.
> 4.  Assigning tickets / transferring to someone else (when not logged in
> as root)
> 5.  3rd Party CRM integration basics.
> Thanks in advance to all the folks here, specially the creators of RT.
> Best,
> Reza.
> ---------
> RT 4.4 and RTIR training sessions, and a new workshop day!
> https://bestpractical.com/training
> * Boston - October 24-26
> * Los Angeles - Q1 2017
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