[rt-users] Best web server for RT4?

Martin Wheldon martin.wheldon at greenhills-it.co.uk
Fri Sep 2 09:33:25 EDT 2016


If you decide to retry a source install. You might want to look at
using perlbrew to install a stand alone perl and configuring cpanminus 
described in the rt_perl documentation below will make life much easier.


I'm a big fan of Ubuntu/Debian, but always use a source install of RT, 
with Nginx incidently,
works a treat.

Best Regards


On 2016-09-02 13:01, Alex Hall wrote:
> Thanks for the very helpful reply. No, I didn't know about rt4-fcgi,
> nor the update command. Unfortunately, even after running that
> command, the stand-alone server still thinks it's supposed to use
> SQLite3 and the default database name, for some reason. I even
> restarted the request-tracker4 service.
> Where are the docs you mentioned? I searched for "request tracker
> debian", but got only unhelpful results. There's an RT set up for
> Debian itself; a wikia.com [1] page that is broken, an install guide
> for RT3.6 that never mentions the rt4-fcgi package, and so on. The
> package details page for rt4-fcgi itself doesn't seem to give any
> usage instructions, unless I'm missing them (possible when using a
> screen reader, though unlikely). Specifically, I'm not sure how to
> tell it to use [2], or whatever port I set in the RT
> site file for Nginx. Are there other commands that will be useful?
> Installing from source got quite confusing. I've never used Perl, so
> had to configure the CPAN first, and wasn't sure how to answer the
> questions it asked. Then the make testdeps command didn't work, so I
> had to manually look through the (very long) list of dependencies,
> find one that was missing, and try to install it manually. That
> installation process then got rather confusing, with a few packages
> not going smoothly at all. Finally, I found there was a pre-built
> package already made, and the installation for that was a breeze. Of
> course, I'm now stuck with a stubborn configuration that isn't letting
> any RT server start, so I suppose it's six of one and a half dozen of
> the other. Still, I think this odd configuration problem will be much
> easier to solve.
> On Fri, Sep 2, 2016 at 1:48 AM, Christian Loos <cloos at netcologne.de>
> wrote:
>> Am 01.09.2016 um 20:15 schrieb Alex Hall:
>>> I'm either missing something very obvious, or the Debian package
>> for RT
>>> isn't working correctly. Installing with the latest source,
>> though, was
>>> a nightmare.
>> First of all, read the docs. Especially the Debian docs, as
>> installing
>> RT as a Debian package works different than install RT from Source,
>> which the Best Practical documentation describes.
>> In Debian the RT config is managed by files under
>> /etc/request-tracker4/RT_SiteConfig.d/. If you change something in
>> one
>> of these files, you have to run the command update-rt-siteconfig,
>> which
>> actually builds the /etc/request-tracker4/RT_SiteConfig.pm file.
>> Did you install the rt4-fcgi package?
>> This will install everything you need for a nginx web deployment.
>> /etc/init.d/rt4-fcgi would then reload the RT configuration.
>> Why was installing from source a nightmare?
>> We actually use RT from source on Debian for years, and it works
>> great.
>> Chris
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