[rt-users] Applying logging changes?

Alex Hall ahall at autodist.com
Fri Sep 9 07:30:04 EDT 2016

Hi all,
I'm reading through the RT wiki page on logging, and I've set a file to capture all debug output. I know it's a lot of information, but I want to make sure it works. However, the file isn't getting updated at all. It didn't exist, so I tried:

cat /var/log/request-tracker4/rt.log
chown www-data /var/log/request-tracker4/rt.log

but still nothing. Yes, I ran update-rt-siteconfig before checking for, then making and re-checking, the file. Is there something else I have to do to start logging? Kill and restart the FCGI server (I'm going through Nginx)? I'm using 4.2.8 in case that makes a difference. Thanks.

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