[rt-users] rt-mailgate in lab environment stopped working

Thomas Bätzler t.baetzler at bringe.com
Fri Feb 3 03:52:08 EST 2017



Stephen Cena asked:

*  I’ve been beating my head against this for days now and can’t figure this
out. I original had

*  (as much as possible) a clone of our production environment in a lab. I
reached a point

*  where I was forced to re-IP the lab environment which went well. Now,

*  simply doesn’t work. Outbound mail does work (postfix). If I use the
/etc/aliases file for

*  commands like I usually to, fetchmail attempts to contact an SMTP server
for local

*  delivery. If I actually embed the rt-mailgate command inside fetchmailrc
I now get

*  “http request failed: 500 can’t connect to SERVER:80. Web server logs may
have more

*  info”. I can’t find anything.


Well, that error message is pretty clear – when fetchmail tries to spawn
rt-mailgate, that process can’t connect to RT.


You should replace SERVER:80 in your fetchmailrc with the URL you’re using
to connect  to RT in your browser.







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