[rt-users] How unprivileged users could see all tickets in their queue?

Felix Defrance felix at d2france.fr
Wed Jan 4 03:57:00 EST 2017


You right, this rights isn't checked.

But I can't view all tickets in selfservice anymore.

I verify the same rights in :

 Admin > Queue, "select the queue name" and  Group Rights, select and
grant "unprivileged users" to Seequeue & Showtickets

In the same section:

 grant group "compagny name" to Seequeue & Showtickets

But no effect.

I try to add a user to watchers 'CC', and grant watchers 'CC' to
Seequeue & Showtickets but no effect too :(

Another ideas ?



Le 03/01/2017 à 18:39, Alex Hall a écrit :
> Have you granted the rights? In Admin > Global > Group Rights, select
> the "unprivileged users" tab, then grant "view queue". That should
> help, though our setup is quite different so I can't verify it.
> On Tue, Jan 3, 2017 at 12:27 PM, Felix Defrance <felix at d2france.fr
> <mailto:felix at d2france.fr>> wrote:
>     Hi all,
>     I don't find how I could add ShowTickets or QueueList in SelfService.
>     I want to allow my unprivileged users, grouped by company name, to
>     see all tickets in their queue.
>     The group rights on the queue is correctly defined and users could
>     access to the tickets by entring the ticket number in the "goto
>     Ticket" field (top right in SelfService).
>     I have tried to play with CustomRole but it's not working for me.
>     So anybody known how I can do it?
>     Thank you,
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>     Félix Defrance
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> Alex Hall
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Félix Defrance
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