[Rtir] several problems + versions to use.

Becz Tamas becz at sztaki.hu
Fri Dec 3 02:49:08 EST 2004


On Thu, 2004-12-02 at 17:40 +0100, Ruediger Riediger wrote:
> Long time to answer, but I now hit a similar issue and found your mail 
> when searching the mail archive for a solution ;-)
Long time answers are better than no answers at all ;-)
> Becz Tamas wrote:
> > 2) AdminCC filed does not get filled in when trying to comment on or
> > reply to a ticket. (I did added it to the Queue
> But it is sent nevertheless. Even if not visible on the page (for 
> whatever reason). I can confirm seeing the same issue.

Yes, I found that it is sent. I believe this is because those fields are
not connected to the ticket itself, but to the queue, and rtir is not
"smart" enough to look it up there. However, this is merly an assumtion
on my part, w/o examining the code. But I'd guess that it sould not be a
big problem to look that up in the DB, trough.

> > 3) When I write a comment on a ticket I get a "Status: Illegal value for
> > Status" message. (There is no way to set it on the comment form)
> That's for both Comment and Correspondence. The "Status" field is 
> submitted empty, and an empty field is obviously an illegal value. I am 
> currently investigating this... more to come.
This would be nice. Since other issues were up, and besides the error
messege, this does not affect anyithing else (at least AFAIK), I decided
to live with it till I'll have time... I'm still living with it :-/

> > 4) There is a template, that cannot be deleted, I get a permission
> > denied error, even when logged in as root.
> Then, it's in use somewhere.
Propably it was, but since I dropped that practicular testing DB, and am
unable to reproduce the error, we'll never know :(

Solution for me was rt 3.0.12 and rtir 1.0.5, and after fixing those
several issues, it's ok now. (Besides #4, anyway)

Thank you for your answer,

> Best regards,
> 	Ruediger Riediger
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