[Rtir] 1.1.5 issues: Bulk Reject, Refine, Classification

Phil Rodrigues phil.rodrigues at nyu.edu
Wed Feb 23 12:57:42 EST 2005


I have a clean install of RTIR 1.1.5 over a clean install of RT 3.4.1. 
There seem to be 3 issues:

1)  Bulk reject does not work.  It returns an error of "Ticket 111: 
Cannot reject Incident Report #111. Only new reports may be rejected." 
However, when I view the Incident Report in RT it shows a Status of 
"new".  These reports can be Taken and manually Quick Rejected one by one.

2)  Refine Search does not work.  When I click through RTIR -> Incidents 
-> Refine, or RTIR -> Incident Reports -> Refine, etc I only see two of 
the three table elements that RT shows.  "Add Criteria" and "Display 
Columns" are present, but the final "Do the Search" row, with the 
"Search" button, is absent.  In RT all three elements are present, and 
there is a "Search" button to click.

3) Classification, Function, and Constituency do not work.  Previous 
versions of RTIR let me set the Classification of the Incident, but in 
1.1.5 I no longer get a drop-down menu.  When I view the Incident after 
it has been created, all those fields are set to "open".  (We liked the 
ability to set Classification of tickets, in order to later report on 
their various totals.)

I am looking for confirmation of these issues from someone else with a 
similar setup.  I have seen reference to RTIR-1.1.6rcX and RTIR-1.2beta, 
and am wondering if these versions fix these problems.  We don't have a 
problem testing pre-release software, as long as we know we are on the 
latest test version (so we are not re-catching old bugs).

Or please let me know if I should sit tight and wait for RTIR-1.2 
release. :-)


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