[Rtir] 1.1.5 issues: Bulk Reject, Refine, Classification

Marius Urkis marius at litnet.lt
Thu Feb 24 12:41:45 EST 2005

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Currently I play with RT 3.4.1 + RTIR 1.1.5

Phil Rodrigues wrote:

> Hi,
> I have a clean install of RTIR 1.1.5 over a clean install of RT 3.4.1.
> There seem to be 3 issues:
> 1)  Bulk reject does not work.  It returns an error of "Ticket 111:
> Cannot reject Incident Report #111. Only new reports may be rejected."
> However, when I view the Incident Report in RT it shows a Status of
> "new".  These reports can be Taken and manually Quick Rejected one by one.

Bulk reject works well for me...

> 2)  Refine Search does not work.  When I click through RTIR -> Incidents
> -> Refine, or RTIR -> Incident Reports -> Refine, etc I only see two of
> the three table elements that RT shows.  "Add Criteria" and "Display
> Columns" are present, but the final "Do the Search" row, with the
> "Search" button, is absent.  In RT all three elements are present, and
> there is a "Search" button to click.

After building your query you can just click on the 'Results' in the menu bar on the left

> 3) Classification, Function, and Constituency do not work.  Previous
> versions of RTIR let me set the Classification of the Incident, but in
> 1.1.5 I no longer get a drop-down menu.  When I view the Incident after
> it has been created, all those fields are set to "open".  (We liked the
> ability to set Classification of tickets, in order to later report on
> their various totals.)

Actualy there are unsuficient rights for the duty team. You have to add ones in
RT->Configuration->Global->Group Rights
Duty Team:

or do it separately for each custom field in each queue...

> I am looking for confirmation of these issues from someone else with a
> similar setup.  I have seen reference to RTIR-1.1.6rcX and RTIR-1.2beta,
> and am wondering if these versions fix these problems.  We don't have a
> problem testing pre-release software, as long as we know we are on the
> latest test version (so we are not re-catching old bugs).
> Or please let me know if I should sit tight and wait for RTIR-1.2
> release. :-)
> Phil
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