[Rtir] RTIR Upgrade problems part 2

Steven McIntosh s.mcintosh at compserv.gla.ac.uk
Tue Sep 19 06:10:31 EDT 2006

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After fixing the Clone problem, there are still a number of problems I am experiencing.

System info:

Fedora Core 3
mysql 4.1.9
Apache/1.3.33 mod_perl/1.29
perl 5.8.6

Upgraded RT from 3.4.1 to 3.7
Upgraded RTIR from 1.1.5 to 1.9

Before I upgrade again I was hoping that someone could clarify that the problems I am experiencing
are addressed by the updates available via svn. As I would like to know whether they are query
related or database related. Maybe something went wrong during the upgrade that I should fix before
applying yet more updates.

The problems I am experiencing are:

1. The RTIR section does not return any results. The main page has no tickets shown under the
headings, even though there are many in the database and can be accessed via RT. This is also the
case when you click on Incidents, Incident Reports and Investigations. Is this a query problem or
database problem?

2. The links no longer work. Links between Incidents and Investigations no longer appear on the web
UI. There is still a Links table in the db, so again is this a query or a database problem?

3. When in any of the RTIR queues and you click on refine, I get an error (sometimes):

Error during compilation of /opt/rt3/share/html/RTIR/Search/Elements/ProcessQuery:
Can't locate YAML/Base.pm

Although that module is installed and in the @INC path. If you refresh the page a number of times it
seems to find the module and all is well. Any ideas about what may be causing this.

Also if I should update to the latest what is the URL for the svn downloads?

I am considering restoring the old version but there are features of the new version that I would
find very useful. Thanks for any help regarding these matters.

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