[Rtir] Linking Incident Reports to Incidents

Caglar caglar at ulakbim.gov.tr
Fri Aug 29 10:13:44 EDT 2008

Dear RTIR Members,

	I have localized RT 3.7.26 and Rtir 2.3 for our needs. But one more
thing left to finalize it. When we link an incident report to an
incident we have to take the ticket first then.I think this step is
meaningless.(At least from my POV) Why do we have to own the ticket to
link it? And how can I disable this functionality? I mean I want to
Create or Link an Incident to the Incident Report without taking it. I
have tried to change or modify the code at local/html/RTIR/Display.html
and some more files but couldn't achieve.(but know some ugly and dirty
ways to do it which may also break most of the functionality of RTIR) I
will be glad to you if anyone can help.

Thanx in advance and Best To All,


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