[Rtir] No Screen Refresh After Entering New Incident

Sanitra Angram Sanitra.Angram at hilton.com
Mon Jul 7 16:47:56 EDT 2008

After hitting the "create" on the incident form, the screen is not refreshed with status info. You have to hit the "Back" or change the URL to get back to the interface. We just get a blank page with "Done" in the browser status bar and the URL is updated to http://...Ticket/Create.html.

Anyone ever had this problem?


Sanitra S. Angram
Manager, Incident Response
Enterprise Information Security Office
Hilton Hotels Corporation
3180 Players Lane
Memphis, Tennessee 38125Office: (901) 748.7968
Secure Fax: (901) 748.7820
Cell: (901) 604.7810
sanitra.angram at hilton.com

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