[Rtir] Problems with msmtp

Jesse Vincent jesse at bestpractical.com
Mon Aug 16 11:37:27 EDT 2010

On Fri, Aug 13, 2010 at 05:27:52PM -0300, Tiago Caldas wrote:
> Gentlements,
> I have installed RT in a brand new server few days ago and almost everything
> is running just fine.
> However, my msmtp have a problem:
> When my scrip "on resolve notify other recipients" is triggered, I have the
> followin exit on my message.log:
> The "78" means "configuration problem... but I have the same files (msmtprc
> &msmtp_wrapper) on other server (with IR features) running OK...
> I have already checked permissions....

Can you put msmtp into some sort of verbose logging mode?  Is msmtp happy with messages that have only a BCC and no To or Cc?

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