[Rtir] RTIR 3.2.0rc1 Available for testing

Marcos Orallo m_orallo at yahoo.es
Fri Oct 24 09:29:06 EDT 2014

Thank you James!

2014-10-24 11:40 GMT+02:00 James Mcloughlin <james.mcloughlin at ja.net>:

>     On Mysql we then log in to the RTDB server to add some new
> indexes. Not sure if this is needed with Postgess..:

I never messed with the db indexes, nothing was mentioned in the
corresponding UPGRADING docs.

>     If using Request-Tracker-4 Debian packages, you can do the
> following to update the RTIR data:
>  cd /usr/src/RT-IR-3.0.2
>  rt-setup-database-4 --action insert --datafile etc/upgrade/2.6.2/content
>  rt-setup-database-4 --action insert --datafile etc/upgrade/2.9.0/content
>  rt-setup-database-4 --action insert --datafile
> etc/upgrade/3.0.0rc2/content

I have successfully run the rt-setup-database-4 with the corresponding
datafiles, and I can already see the new scrip (On Linking To Incident Copy
IPs) :-)

However, my problems with History display and MakeClicky are still there :-(

We are considering switching to vanilla RT since we don't actually benefit
from many of the features in RTIR, because or workflow doesn't fit
completely. I wonder if it would be possible to import some features to RT
as standalone (IP parsing or Lookup tools, for example), without being
restricted to RTIR workflow.


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