[Rtir] Constituencies... I've added two but can't change the constituency of an existing Incident Report

Landon Stewart lstewart at iweb.com
Tue Sep 9 17:48:52 EDT 2014


I'm using a staging environment which is a direct copy of our database and
the /opt/rt4 content.  It's all working fine.  This is RT v4.0.17 w/ RTIR

I've added two constituencies via local/plugins/RT-IR/etc/add_constituency
*and* I am a member of the DutyTeam for each.  While viewing an Incident
Report via RTIR/Display.html and click "Edit" I see the Constituency CF but
it's name "Constituency" is not bold like the other CFs.  There's no drop
down at all either.  The Incident Report is not linked to any tickets and
has a status of 'new'.

Is something disabled somewhere that's preventing the modification of the
constituency for an existing Incident Report?

I've tried modifying $_RTIR_Constituency_Propagation to 'no' and 'reject'
and 'inherit' with web server restarts between each but that doesn't seem
to have any effect.

Also when going through the menus to create a ticket (RTIR -> Incident
Reports -> Create) it is also not bolded like the other CFs and there's no
drop down there.

See the screenshot (attached) for what i see during IR creation.

Landon Stewart :: lstewart at iweb.com
Lead Specialist, Abuse and Security Management
Spécialiste principal, gestion des abus et sécurité
http://iweb.com :: +1 (888) 909-4932
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