[rtir] multiple Incident Reports queues

Andre Gerhard agerhard at usp.br
Wed Apr 29 10:23:05 EDT 2015


I want to have multiple Incident Reports queues, and so I create some new
queues to implement this: Incident Reports # Spam, Incident Reports # Scam,
Incident Reports # Copyright, and so on. This is useful because there are some
reporters that only send incident reports of an known type, like Spamcop in
the case of spam, and I want to classify the incidents when they arrive.

But unfortunately, these new queues don't appear in the "RTIR at a glance"
view, also when I click over an incident report in these queues, I don't have
the link to to "Take/create an incident", like I have when the incident
report is in the "Incident Reports" standard RTIR queue. It seems that the new
queues are not integrated to RTIR, their behavior is more of RT than RTIR.

So what I have to do to make RTIR work with these new queues ?

Andre Gerhard
Universidade de Sao Paulo

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