[rtir] Strange issue with the link under # in the ticket history for each transaction with an extra id=xxxxxxx parameter

Landon Stewart lstewart at internap.com
Wed Oct 19 14:14:06 EDT 2016

When viewing a ticket and scrolling down to the history where it shows the transactions the '#' beside each transaction is a link to that particular transaction but ours have an extra id=xxxxx parameter in each of them which makes them broken links if one tries to use them.

The links for each are like this:

Instead of:

Where is this done and what could be the issue?  I've been searching through the CallBacks and .html files and trying small changes but without much luck.

The screenshot below shows the #'s I'm talking about.

[cid:25360B18-C819-4D41-A629-593490F3308D at corp.iweb.com]

Landon Stewart
Lead Analyst - Abuse and Security Management
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