[svk-devel] "checkout -N" + "update" doesn't behave like Subversion

Chris.Fouts at qimonda.com Chris.Fouts at qimonda.com
Wed Oct 18 14:22:03 EDT 2006

Can't you just do a 

> svk co <path>/trunk/<desired dir> <dest>
> cd <dest>
> svk up/commit/etc

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>Subject: [svk-devel] "checkout -N" + "update" doesn't behave 
>like Subversion
>My work's SVN repository is really really large, and I really 
>only need to be working on a subset of the tree.  
>Unfortunately the subset of the tree isn't a single subtree.  
>When using subversion I would do the following:
>  svn co -N <path>/trunk src
>  cd src
>  svn update libs
>  svn update -N clients
>  cd clients
>  svn update myclient
>Then I could "svn update" and "svn commit" from the top-level 
>and all changes to the tree would get committed into a single 
>Unfortunately, SVK's "checkout -N" doesn't work this way.
>[warlord at cliodev foo]$ svk co -N /foo/cmdln-lib src2 Syncing 
>/foo/cmdln-lib(/local/cmdln-lib) in /home/warlord/src/foo/src2 
>to 48627.
>[warlord at cliodev foo]$ cd src2/
>[warlord at cliodev src2]$ svk update libs2 Syncing 
>/foo/cmdln-lib/libs2(/local/cmdln-lib/libs2) in 
>/home/warlord/src/foo/src2/libs2 to 48627.
>Checkout directory gone. Use 'checkout /foo/cmdln-lib/libs2 
>libs2' instead.
>[warlord at cliodev src2]$ mkdir libs2
>[warlord at cliodev src2]$ svk update libs2 Syncing 
>/foo/cmdln-lib/libs2(/local/cmdln-lib/libs2) in 
>/home/warlord/src/foo/src2/libs2 to 48627.
>[warlord at cliodev src2]$ ls -l libs2/
>total 0
>Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug?
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