[svk-devel] "checkout -N" + "update" doesn't behave like Subversion

Chia-Liang Kao clkao at clkao.org
Wed Oct 18 14:31:37 EDT 2006

On 18/10/06, Derek Atkins <warlord at mit.edu> wrote:
>   svn co -N <path>/trunk src
>   cd src
>   svn update libs
>   svn update -N clients
>   cd clients
>   svn update myclient

The problem with the hack in svn is that you can accidentally do
update src.  svn is trying to solve this with some complicated depth

> Unfortunately, SVK's "checkout -N" doesn't work this way.

In svk we do this a bit different to simplify things.  Missing entries
(! when you do svk st) are treated as local changes and aren't brought
back when you do svn up.  Instead, you can do revert -R to bring them
back, just like with other local changes made.


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