[svk-devel] Confused about how to manage a forked project

Aaron VonderHaar gruen0aermel at gmail.com
Tue Oct 24 00:56:54 EDT 2006

Hi Victor,  I can only answer from my experience, which may or may not be 

You've already got your mirror and branch set up, let's assume you've got 
1) //mirrors/a is a mirror of http://server-a.com/svn
2) //my-branch has been copied from //mirrors/a/trunk at some point in the 
3) Occasionally you `svk sync //mirrors/a; svk 
smerge //mirrors/a/trunk //my-branch` to get the latest changes
4) You want to mirror your branch at http://server-b.com/svn

I would try the following:

    # create the mirror
    svk mirror //mirrors/b http://server-b.com/svn
    svk sync //mirrors/b
    # create a place for you branch on "server b"
    svk mkdir //mirrors/b/my-branch
    # initially copy your branch to "server b" (with -I -l
    # to mirror your revision history and log entries)
    svk smerge -B -I -l //my-branch //mirrors/b/my-branch

From then on you will occasionally `svk 
smerge -I -l //my-branch //mirrors/b/my-branch` to keep server b up to date 
with your changes.  (You don't need -B any more since svk now knows the two 
are related.)

Hope this helps.  And anyone with more svk experience, please correct me if 

--Aaron V.

On Monday 23 October 2006 11:45, Victor Ng wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have a set of changes that I want to manage on a project that I
> don't have commit access to and I'm having some problems with using
> SVK to manage this.
> In a nutshell, I want to fork a project to get minor changes applied,
> but I also want to track any new changes that happen in the 'real' SVN
> repository.
> Basically I have the following 2 SVN urls:
> http://server-a.com/svn
> and
> http://server-b.com/svn
> I've got server-a's trunk mirrored, and I've branched in my depot.  I
> can successfully make changes and commit those changes back into my
> branch.
> What I need to do though is have those changes saved back to
> server-b's SVN repository in case my local computer blows up.
> I've seen the following link on syncing different repos:
> http://svk.bestpractical.com/?SyncReposBetweenServers
> but it's not very clear what site1 or global are and I'm doing something
> wrong.
> I get the following error:
> "Invalid filesystem path syntax: Invalid editor anchoring; at least
> one of the input paths is not a directory and there was no source
> entry".
> help!
> vic

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