[rt-users] can't create requests by mail - @domain.name still part of user name

Bill Welch bill at carbonecho.com
Wed Jun 21 13:54:54 EDT 2000

Shouldn't the mail interface be using email address to look up username, so that the same user can can use mail and web interface? Am I supposed to create users with their email address as their name?


rt 1.0.3

30:         if (!&can_create_request($in_queue_id, $in_current_user)) {
  DB<5> p $in_queue_id, $in_current_user
Development, bill at carbonecho.com

  DB<10>x %queues
6  'Development'
7  HASH(0x83b02e4)
   'acls' => HASH(0x83b0248)
      'adrienne' => HASH(0x83b8b8c)
         'admin' => 0
         'display' => 1
         'manipulate' => 0
      'bill' => HASH(0x82c510c)
         'admin' => 1
         'display' => 1
         'manipulate' => 1

 (no bill at carbonecho.com in $queues)
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