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Jason Edwards platitudezinc at gmail.com
Wed Dec 14 14:36:46 EST 2005


Thanks for the reply. I'm ok with searching the way you stated below,
however my bosses aren't. They would like it to be as user friendly and
intuitive as possible. And I admit, that for some the interface may seem a
little cluttered and non intuitive at times (especially the query page).
They think our support staff will kinda freak out when they see the query
builder and not know how to use it. So I've been tasked with creating a more
friendly interface for RT.

Basically what they want is an element on the homepage (like the Quick
create element) that allows them to search for the Username in a queue. I
was hoping someone had created something like this before to save me some
time (I've got a ton on my plate now :) )

I would love to use RT as it is, but my bosses believe the UI is overly

On 12/14/05, Ken Crocker <KFCrocker at lbl.gov> wrote:
> Jason,
>        My company  needed the same thing but not from the home page.
> Creating a custom field is easy enough and you can apply that custom firld
> to any queue, therefore allowing a query to be created with the custom
> field, but again, that is within the query page, not from the home page. We
> use RT 3.4.4. What's wrong with one extra click and going to the query
> page?
> Kenn
> Jason Edwards wrote:
>  Hello,
> I'm currently testing RT for use as our ticketing system. We're providing
> support for various ISPs (each ISP is a queue) and one of the custom fields
> for our queues is 'Username'. I would like to provide the ability to search
> for a Username in a given queue on the home page, to get a list of past
> tickets for the customer. This would give us a history of the
> customers issues and would also allow us to reopen a resolved ticket for the
> customer.  I see that I could create a component locally, similar to the
> Quick search or Quick create and add it to my local copy of index.html,
> but I'm having a hard time finding documentation to help me out (on the web
> and in RT Essentials), being that it is a custom field.
> Has anyone done something like this before? I'd rather not have our staff
> build a query everytime the need history for a customer.
> Thanks!
> Jason
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