[rt-users] Wrong Due Date in email Response

Matt Nichols mnichols at wayport.net
Wed Dec 28 12:07:41 EST 2005



I am using a scrip to automatically set the due date and priority of a
ticket based on a custom field called severity. This scrip is currently
working as it should. When a new ticket is created a scrip runs with the
condition: On Create and the action: Autoreply To Requestors with a
custom template that includes Due Date: {$Ticket->Due} in order to
inform the requestor of their tickets due date. Unfortunately the due
date in the email response is the default due date (not the one that's
set when our custom scrip runs). Is there a way to manipulate the order
in which scrips get executed or should I be supplying the correct due
date through some other variable in the email template? 


I'm running RT



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