[rt-users] Having multiple users logically linked together by "organization"

Jonathan Reeder jreeder at minutemenu.com
Thu Jan 20 13:43:14 EST 2005

I'm hoping that someone else out there might have the same requirements as I
do and has found a way to satisfy them.

I'd like to have things set up such that multiple users can all be logically
linked together by their company/organization.  In doing so, I'd like all
tickets created by one user who is a member of a particular organization to
be viewable by all other members of that organization.

If that's not clear enough, here is a for-instance:

Let's say I have two clients - Client A and Client B.  I have 4 users set up
in RT:

Users bob and john are employees of Client A
Users joe and tom are employees of Client B

If user bob creates a ticket, I'd like for john to be able to see that
ticket when he logs in, but joe and tom cannot.  If user joe creates a
ticket, tom can see it, but bob and john cannot.

I'm positive that there is a way to do this, since I haven't found anything
that RT can't do yet.  I can think of one way which is writing a scrip that
adds all users that have the same organization value as the requestor to the
CC list of a ticket and then granting correct permissions to CCs, but that
just seems dirty and cumbersome.

Thanks a bunch.

Jonathan Reeder
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