[rt-users] Question about LdapOverlay and Windows Active Directory

Dario Luis Coneglian Oliveros oliveros at cpqd.com.br
Fri Jul 21 18:02:49 EDT 2006

Hi Eric,
First, thanks for the info.
FYI I am using Jim Meyer's contribution as well. It's really great.
Regarding user auto creation, I thought this could be done thru web :-(
Any tips on how to create user account via email ? I would appreciate 
any info on that.

eric.valor at daimlerchrysler.com wrote:

> Dario:
> I forget the contribution you are using, but if you are using the 
> Meyer contribution (my personal favorite.. cheers Jim!), a user must 
> first send an email which will then initiate RT account generation.
> I think Jim is working on another overlay to autocreate on web login, 
> but I'll let him comment on that.  If you're not using the Meyer code, 
> might I suggest doing so since Jim is actively maintaining it and he 
> is good about responding to questions.  I've been using it on my 
> production system here (don't tell Corporate!) for the past few months 
> and it's been solid (disclaimer: currently under 100 users with 5 
> queues).
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