[rt-users] Can't assign ticket / Owner drop-down only shows Nobody - WinRT 3.4.5

Tue Sep 25 15:29:51 EDT 2007

Hi, I recently installed the Windows version of RT (3.4.5) put out by
Netvigilance (http://www.netvigilance.com/winrt
<http://www.netvigilance.com/winrt> ).  I am running into a problem with
Modifying tickets.  Whenever there is a drop-down box for Owner, only "Nobody"
is displayed.  I have read the FAQ, message board, etc... but haven't found the
solution.  Since I just installed it, I have a very simple user set-up.  I have
tried all manner of giving the "OwnTicket" right to users:  global, per-queue,
etc... and the drop-down box only lists Nobody.  Even when a ticket has an
owner, if I go to the ticket and open the People display, the drop-down will
have only Nobody, so anytime you make changes to the ticket, it sets the owner
back to Nobody.  I have installed RTx::RightsMatrix and it confirms that
multiple users have the OwnTicket right but they never appear in the drop-down.
I am aware of the fact that SuperUser does not automatically gain the OwnTicket
right so I have been explicitly giving OwnTicket. 
The WinRT support blog (run by Netvigilance) has an entry on this:
that claims the ability to give/assign a ticket to someone else doesn't work in
3.4.5.  They reference a thread on rt-devel:
that talks about "GiveTicket" and "AssignTicket" rights.  But looking at the
code, I don't see indication that the functionality of changing the Owner was
taken out.
 I have delved into the codebase and everything seems like it should be working,
but I am not familiar enough with Perl  and the RT Object Models to debug it.
Any help would be appreciated. 
WinRT (RT codebase 3.4.5)
Windows Server 2003 with SP2
Apache/2.0.52 (Win32) mod_perl/2.0.2 Perl/v5.8.6   (all installed automatically
by WinRT installer)

Philip Epstein 

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