[rt-users] Wrong CreatorObj in resolved notification

GUBBELS Jac JacG at kocschool.k12.tr
Wed Jan 16 15:43:35 EST 2008

I created a scrip and template that define the notification when the status of a tickets is set to resolved (basic thing I guess). To make the notification personal I start with 'Dear {$Transaction->CreatorObj->RealName}'. The name displayed in the message however is not that of the Creator but that of the Owner of the ticket. The scrip condition is 'on resolve' and the stage is 'TransactionCreate'. Do I make an obvious mistake? Someone will probably have a hunge...
Thanks for your replies and this vivid mailing list, it's archives have already proved very helpful!
-- Jac 
PS: in the autoreply upon ticket creation the same does work!
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