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Caglar caglar at ulakbim.gov.tr
Thu Jul 3 08:50:22 EDT 2008

Hello everybody,

     I have just started to develop a web application with RT. But I 
have some problems
that I couldn't solve . I will be so grateful to you, if anyone can help me.

    I have a php form in which users enter an incident and submit it. 
Then the app sends an
email to the person in charge of the incident. I am storing the datas 
from the form to the
Tickets and Users tables in the RT's database in order to create a 
ticket in RT. But the sad
part is, when I login to the RT with my root account, I couldn't see the 
ticket that PHP app
created from the RT's web interface . Php form inserts the datas to the 
database from the
forms successfully. And my questions are:

    * Why RT doesn't see the datas that I've inserted into the RT's
    * How can I create a ticket outside the RT?
    * Does RT needs to modify a file in order to create a new ticket?
    * Can I use the RT's builtin ticket creation interface without

FYI: I am using RT 3.6.6 and Mysql 5.1, Apache 1.3.9 on FreeBSD.

Çag(lar Gülçehre

Çag(lar Gülçehre
Tübitak Ulakbim
BlackSea Interconnection

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