[rt-users] Urgent help on multi-stage approvals

Hong Fai Leong hongfai at gmail.com
Thu Jul 24 22:51:13 EDT 2008

I've followed the example in "RT Essentials" on configuring a multistage
approval. It worked beautifully in v3.6.3. It fails to work after I've
upgraded RT to v3.6.7.

In 3.6.3, the second approver will only receive an email upon the first
approval resolution of the approving ticket.

In 3.6.7, both approvers will receive emails at the same time.

Can someone confirm this behaviour? I would really like to have back the
behaviour found in 3.6.3. Can anyone out there who can help me on this. This
is really important in what I'm going to do in my organization. Any advice
is much appreciated. Thanks.
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